The Dolphin Decade is a ten-year coordinated study on all facets of the dolphin behavior, communication and ecology.


The Dolphin Decade is a ten-year coordinated study on all facets of dolphins' behavior, communication and ecology conducted through the collective efforts by team members of the Dolphin Alliance Project, coordinated by Dr. Richard Connor.  The decade long study will map out dolphin alliance relationships of 100+ male Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins in Shark Bay, located on the west coast of Australia.  The Dolphin Decade is an enormously ambitious project, an ambition that will be matched by the payoffs, both in our understanding of dolphins and ourselves.  How human are the dolphins?  Do the conflicts that plague human society also impact the dolphins?  Have the dolphins found cooperative solutions to conflicts that can help humans?  We expect the unexpected as we explore an alien intelligence right here on earth…

Our aim is to learn as much as we can from these unique underwater creatures, but we cannot achieve our goals alone. Find out how you can help.

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